Great Income Plus

Enjoy recurring income without prolonged premium payments

Now you can enjoy long-term financial security and protection with limited payment period with Great Income Plus. This endowment plan offers you a flow of income with added protection for your loved ones.

This means that you only need to pay for your policy over a limited period of time, but you will enjoy the benefits of the policy for the entire policy duration.

  • Pay short term for long-term benefits
    With Great Income Plus, you only need to pay premiums for 10 years, yet you will receive protection up to the age of 70 years next birthday
  • Get 4% of your basic sum assured every year to spend on yourself or loved ones
  • Yearly cash bonuses
  • Protect your loved ones with accidental death benefit
  • Your policy value increases with additional sum assured


Policy Year Additional Sum Assured (% of Basic Sum Assured)
1 Nil
2 10%
3 20%
4 30%
5 40%
6 until maturity 50%


Others benefits include:

  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit
  • Enhance your policy with additional riders
  • Maturity benefit
  • Tax benefit
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