SmartProtect Essential

Achieve your goals from as low as RM100 a month

With SmartProtect Essential Insurance 2, you can achieve your goals with greater confidence. This is an affordable plan that allows you to work towards your goals and live the life you want while providing you with a personal safety net.

Make your money work for you
SmartProtect Essential is an investment-linked insurance plan that adapts to your lifestyle. It's easy to get into - starting with just RM100 per month, you'll receive life coverage and an investment allocation that increases over time - bringing your goals closer to reality with every passing day.

The insurance premiums paid are allocated to the unit funds at the following rates:

Policy Year
7 & above
Premium Allocation Rate


  • 1% more on your sum assured every year throughout your coverage years
    An example of how this works:

    Josh Lim is a 25-year-old male who buys SmartProtect Essential. Let's assume he is insured for RM100,000. If he lives till age of 75, he will accumulate 1% more per year on his sum assured for 50 years.
    1% x RM100,000 x 50 years = RM50,000 more
    That means his loved ones will receive a total of RM150,000.

Note: The above are used for illustrative purposes only. Terms and conditions apply.

  • Provision of financial protection against the unexpected
  • Choose your own protection and investment levels
  • Pick your own funds

Other benefits include:

  • Extra protection with additional riders
  • Tax benefit
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