SmartMedic Enhancer

As the exorbitant medical costs continue to rise, adequate coverage is important so that you can have access to suitable medical care should the need arises. Fortunately, SmartMedic Enhancer helps you to be better prepared in medical emergencies by enhancing the medical coverage offered by SmartMedic.


  • Enjoy increments to your Hospital Room and Board limit
  • Prolonged coverage for Post-Hospitalisation Treatment
  • Enjoy Daily Guardian Benefit of up to 180 days per policy year
  • Lesser worries with Daily-Cash Allowance
  • Additional Accidental Death Benefit

SmartMedic Enhancer must be attached together with SmartMedic and is only available to SmartMedic plans SM200, SM300 and SM400. Each SmartMedic plan only allows one corresponding SmartMedic Enhancer plan for optional attachment, i.e. SME200 for SM200, SME300 for SM300 and SME400 for SM400.

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