SmartEducate Saver

Grow your child's education fund affordably

As parents, many of us wonder what our little one is going to grow up to be. A doctor? A lawyer, perhaps? In any career, a good education goes a long way towards helping your child enjoy a smoother, more successful journey through life. With the rising cost of education, it's never too soonto prepare for the day you send your little one to college.

SmartEducate Saver opens the door for your child to enjoy better education opportunities. An investment-linked insurance plan, it grows your child's education fund with additional investment allocations - while also providing protection against the unexpected. You can start with as low as RM100 a month, making it an affordable education plan to secure your child's future.

  • Grow your child's education fund with additional allocation to unit funds
  • Boost your policy’s investment value any time you wish
  • Plan ahead with flexible coverage terms
  • Be protected against life’s uncertainties 
  • Choose your own unit funds

Other benefits include:

  • Tax benefit

Any parent or legal guardian of a child between 30 days attained age and 17 years next birthday can apply for SmartEducate Saver
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