Great Ideal Living

Financial certainty in critical moments

As medical technology improves, so does our quality of life. While we enjoy a longer lifespan and a higher possibility of surviving critical illnesses, not all of us are prepared for the financial burden that comes with being diagnosed with one.

But you may now put such worries to rest with  Great  Ideal Living, the comprehensive protection plan that provides coverage against 36 of the critical illnesses, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), and death.

Greater financial certainty with guaranteed increase in your sum assured

  • Added advantage with Deferred Whole Life (DWL)
Policy Year Deferred Whole Life Sum Assured (% of the Basic Sum Assured)
1st to 4th Nil
5th to 9th 10%
10th to 14th 20%
15th to 19th 30%
20th to 24th 50%
25th to 30th or until the life assured's age next birthday is 75 years, whichever is later 60%
Thereafter 50%


  • Extra protection with additional sum assured
Age next birthday of the life assured (based on the policy anniversary preceding a claim event) Additional Sum  Assured
(% of the Basic Sum  Assured)
45 - 54 5%
55 - 59 10%
60 - 64 15%
65 - 69 20%


  • Second chance in life with unique "Buy Back" option
  • Comprehensive Critical Illness coverage
1. Heart Attack 19. Severe Cardiomyopathy
2. Stroke 20. Motor Neuron Disease
3. Coronary Artery By-Pass Surgery 21. HIV Due To Blood Transfusion
4. Cancer 22. Parkinson’s Disease
5. End Stage Kidney Failure 23. End Stage Liver Failure
6. Fulminant Viral Hepatitis 24. End Stage Lung Disease
7. Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant 25. Major Head Trauma
8. Paralysis / Paraplegia 26. Chronic Aplastic Anemia
9. Multiple Sclerosis 27. Muscular Dystrophy
10. Primary Pulmonary Arterial
28. Benign Brain Tumour
11. Blindness / Total Loss Of Sight 29. Encephalitis
12. Heart Valve Surgery 30. Angioplasty And Other Invasive Treatments For Major Coronary Artery Disease*
13. Deafness / Total Loss Of Hearing 31. Brain Surgery
14. Surgery To Aorta 32. Bacterial Meningitis
15. Loss of Speech 33. Other Serious Coronary Artery Disease
16. Alzheimer’s Disease /
Irreversible Organic
Degenerative Brain Disorders
34. Loss Of Independent Existence
17. Major Burns 35. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) with Lupus Nephritis
18. Coma 36. Full Blown AIDS

Other benefits include:

  • Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) benefit
  • Enhanced protection with optional riders
  • Maturity benefit
  • Tax benefit
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